Who is Sumoflam?

My name is David Kravetz.  I am a web designer and  virtual Jack of All Trades type living in Lexington, KY.  Why Sumoflam?  Well, as the Web Administrator for the Trailer Park Troubadours, I chose this name because all Trailer Park Troubadours (aka The Troubs) fans are affectionately called Flamingoheads.  Why?  Well, if you have been to a trailer park you know there are always plastic pink flamingoes!!

I am a big guy, and have worked at losing weight but struggle at it always...I love Sumo wrestling and have even been to the REAL Sumo matches while residing in Japan (and yes, I am fluent in Japanese as well).  So, I am Sumo in shape but a Flamingo in spirit...a SUMOFLAM.  And yes, I have tried my hand at Sumo wrestling!!

The Sumoflam logo used on this site was created by Antsy McClain.  He is a singer/songwriter extraordinaire and also a very talented artist.  He is the Lead Singer for the Trailer Park Troubadours and also does all of the artwork for the website.  My role is to throw everything together in web format so everyone can see his great work.  More of Antsy's artwork can be seen here.

Over the years I have had a very blessed life has I have been able to do many things.  I spent 6 years in Japan and during that time I was featured in over 60 magazine and newspaper articles.  I was a television personality locally in Oita Prefecture on the island of Kyushu (see a couple video compilations on my video page) and was even in a television commercial that was shown throughout Japan.  I am fluent in Japanese and have worked as a translator and as a simultaneous interpreter for the Governor of Oita (Morihiko Hiramatsu) while I was there.  I also worked for Japan's largest Solar Water Heater manufacturer (Asahi Solar) and while there got the company involved in the GM Sunrayce, the first major Solar Car race done in the United States.  We sponsored Solar Cars from both Arizona State University and Colorado State University.  I arranged for these cars to be shipped to Japan and the two schools' teams participated in a race held in Kobe, Japan.

After returning from Japan, I worked for three different Japanese auto-parts manufacturers and also spent some time at the large Toyota plant in Georgetown, KY as an interpreter for Japanese trainers.  I also spent a couple of years as the office manager of Japanese-owned thoroughbred race horse farm in the Lexington area.  This was a fascinating experience being in one of the dominating industries in Kentucky.

I have worked as a Software Quality Engineer for Lexmark International for 9 1/2 years, and worked as a Japanese interpreter for Toyota in Woodstock, Ontario.  I am currently doing freelance work on web design and Japanese translation while also doing the odd job here and there to survive this nasty economy. On the side I do website development and have also dabbled recently in videography and video-editing, having made a few internet-use videos for the Trailer Park Troubadours and, more recently, for guitar virtuoso Pete Huttlinger, rocker Bobby Cochran, Australian multi-instrumentalist Pauly Zarb and others.  I am also the webmaster for Arena Football star Aaron Boone

Sumoflam and Julianne: I Married Up!!


Sumoflam with Aaron Boone (L) and Antsy McClain (R)

email: sumoflam@sumoflam.biz