Camp 31: Excellent Award Winning BBQ

People's Choice: 1st Place for Best Ribs


by David "Sumoflam" Kravetz


April 18, 2008: This is not really a journal entry per se as I am including photos from three or four visits to Camp 31.  Talk about a fabulous place to eat BBQ Ribs and pulled pork.  I don't think I have ever had anything so good.  Since arriving in Paris in early March I have been to Camp 31 at least 10 times.  Included in that count is a visit with some of the Japanese counterparts from Toyota and a visit with a number of the Toyota guys from Kentucky.  They too have made return visits.  Here are a few photos and descriptions.


THE PLACE: Located in Paris, Ontario but started in Alabama.  CAMP 31 was founded in 1908 as a "Saw Mill" general store outside the city of Brewton, Alabama in Escambia county.  In 1985, CAMP 31 was re-opened, this time serving up Southern Bar-B-Que. The Brewton Police Dept. knew Camp 31 had the best BBQ in the south and helped them enter their first BBQ cook-off in Pensacola, Florida. In the 1986 cook-off they won 3 first place trophies and have been touring the US and Canada for competitions. The Paris store is now headquarters for their award-winning cookoff teams.



The store is open and serving.  The menu cover.  The Hawgs Gone Wild Bus that takes the team to competitions


THE CREW:  This is some of the staff for Camp 31.  And they all seem to know me now.



Manager Oliver hauling in the beef ribs; April taking our orders; Kieran and Theresa posing; Doug is cooking it up



Lindsey and Oliver serve up the goods while Katie grills up a mean rack o' ribs


THE TOOLS: All that is needed is an excellent smoker and a great grill and you pour on the sauce for award winning ribs!



Our beef ribs were grilled to perfection and the pork ribs bask in the smoker before hitting the grill...great stuff


The AMBIENCE: A good BBQ place needs to have class.  And this place is classy right down to the wooden floors and sawmill decor. 



They have the "official" licenses for Alabama grillin'; the buckets for bones; and the smoke house grill



Booths, bar, tables and a huge barrel of peanuts (not shown)


THE FOOD: Obviously, they are known for their BBQ and also their sauces.  On Tuesdays they offer all you can eat Beef Ribs, on Wednesdays its all you can eat Pork Ribs.  They have an absolutely mouth-watering pulled pork dish as well a sandwich.  They also serve up Jambalaya (served in a soft flour tortilla), blackened catfish, steaks, BBQ chicken, homemade beans, homemade coleslaw, cajun-spiced grilled mushrooms and the absolutely best cornbread I have ever had.  Get the picture yet?  Well, here are some if you didn't....



Tuesday's all you can eat Beef Ribs.  They bring out a plate that makes you think you are Fred Flintstone!



Yabba Dabba Doo!!



Ben and Mitch showing off their pork ribs on Wednesday night.  Lots of ribs....



BBQ Chicken with famous corn bread and slaw; pulled pork with beans; GIANT pulled pork sandwich



And ooooh those sauces. Ragin Cajun is great!


THE BEST PART - EATING THE FOOD!! - As I said above, many of us have made trips to Camp 31 to enjoy this stuff.  Here is the joy of eating at Camp 31.



Casey T from Toyota is the one who told me about this place.  Good ole' boys from Toyota in Kentucky...they know ribs and

they keep making their way back to Camp 31.  Hosoi-san from Toyota in Japan likes the beverages too.


Russ, Ben, Mitch and Dan...all show pleasure in their faces after a great dinner of pork ribs




Toyota crew from Japan gnawing on dem bones....



And these guys wiped out two plates of beef ribs each!!



These Hawgs have gone wild!!


My son Solomon diggin' into killer beef ribs


And obviously...I have a big smile with this food


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