Living in Paris, Ontario

The Cobblestone Capital of Canada

by David "Sumoflam" Kravetz


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Mar 2, 2008: Today I finally got out of the hotel and into an apartment where I will reside for the next few months as I work at the Toyota Plant in Woodstock as a Japanese interpreter and live in one of the most beautiful little towns in Ontario.


Paris, Ontario is referred to as the Cobblestone Capital of Canada because of the many buildings that were built out of cobblestone (which is what is being used in the background of this page).  It is a town of about 11,000 people, located 18 miles east of Woodstock and about 70 miles from Niagara Falls.  The Grand River runs through it and the Nith River also comes into town and joins up with the Grand.  Below is a map of Southern Ontario. Paris is just a little south of the middle of the map.



I found a very nice two bedroom furnished apartment in downtown Paris, located just a stone's throw from the Grand River.  It is actually part of a Bed and Breakfast run by Rick and Judy Courtemanche.   I am #2 River Lane, just three blocks from downtown.  The building that the apartment is housed in is not very flattering.  In fact, one would never know that there is a place to live inside it by looking at the outside (which, by the way, has some cobblestone on it as used to be an old creamery). Half of the building is used by Rick for his Vintage Car works, which is a hobby of his.  The other half is the wonderfully appointed apartment.

Following are some outside shots I took today....


Notice the cobblestone on the walls.  The entrance is by the garage door.

There is a nice 360 degree tour of the inside of the unit that can be seen at



After getting settled, I took a little drive around the town and got some photos.  Following are photos and some brief commentary.


Some scenes along Highway 2 from Woodstock.  Some folk art built on an old tree trunk in Etonia, ON


The drive from Woodstock is mainly pastoral and very nice.  A mind clearing drive for a tired soul.


These are scenes of downtown Paris on N. Grand Ave.  The river runs right along town


The town backs right up to the Grand River.  I am 4 blocks from downtown.


The Grand River.  My apartment is just to the left of the tracks above.


Some downtown storefronts. The River Lily on the left is famous as the location for the thing below




The First Long Distance Call took place in Paris

Check out the story


There are a lot of old buildings.  The building on the right is the Arlington Hotel


This is the Bed and Breakfast owned by Rick and Judy


My FAVORITE BBQ Place: See my Camp31 page


The best sauce, their famous Pulled Pork Sandwich and Kieran and Stephanie


March 4, 2008: I woke up this morning to a wicked snow storm and had to drive to work in it.  It just seems as though the snow will never go away.  We had about 8 inches of snow overnight with a light coating of sleet before that.  I took a number of photos on the way to Woodstock from Paris to present an idea of how March has come in like a lion.  The following were all taken on Provincial Highway 2.



And this is what Paris looked like in the morning:



Coming down the hill towards the Arlington Hotel...downtown Paris


As the day wore on things got much better.  Following are two photos I took from the same spot.  One was at 7:30 AM from Toyota's plant and the other was at 4:45 PM.



If you look carefully on the left you can see the red trailer on the left and the other trailer in the middle.


Though the morning was treacherous, it did leave a nice blanket of snow on the ground which made for a very picturesque return back to Paris in the late afternoon.



I love passing by this barn on the left.  It is very striking with the snow and trees.


What I really loved was the scene at the top of the hill on the approach to Paris.  The snow and the angle of the sun made for a nice piece of scenery...




And finally, a couple more old buildings, both just about a block from where I am staying:



I live on River Lane, so I took this photo of the Presbyterian Church (L) from the corner.

The photo on the right is from a different angle.


April 4, 2008: It has finally gotten warmer in the area and now there is alot of melt off.  The rivers in the area have been very swollen and the Grand here in Paris is really high.  Today, before heading back to the apartment, I took a drive around Paris and checked out the rivers.  I also got a few other interesting shots of the town.


The Grand River is full and foaming with activity.  The shot of the falls was taken from

just a two minute walk from my apartment.


The Nith River, which flows into the Grand River in the middle of downtown Paris, was also heavy. 

The first two photos are of walking bridges across the Nith, with the middle photo being the bridge that goes

over to Lions Park.  I walked across the bridge and took a photo of it below.


Walking Bridge from Lions Park...looking

towards downtown Paris



An interesting site...the Kipp Funeral Home and across the street, the Penmarvian Retirement home.  I was speaking to a couple of folks who told a story about a tunnel going under the road so that when old folks pass away in the Penmarvian, they are just wheeled in the tunnel over to the funeral home.  I have tried to find some truth to this, but the people in the know say no.  However, there is some truth to tunnels existing in Paris due to the gypsum mining that took place in the early 20th century.


A large wall mural in downtown Paris, with Hiram Capron in the corner.

Hiram was the founder of the town of Paris.  His original home can be

seen above (the Penmarvian).

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