A Couple of Days in Texas

(Wild Animals and Back Roads Texas Towns)

September 8-9, 2012

Day 1 - Wild Animal Safari in the Middle of Texas

by David "Sumoflam" Kravetz


September 8, 2012: While on a business trip to Texas, I had a weekend between visits in Dallas and Houston, so I spent the weekend with my sister Sherry and her family in Keller.  It was a nice visit and, as part of the visit we took a trip to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center near Glen Rose, TX.  It was not too far of a drive from Keller and it was a beautiful day to "go on safari."  In all of my travels, I have never done one of these, so it was an adventure and was truly fascinating to see many of these animals closer and more intimately than ever before.


For the trip we headed to Glen Rose and then made our back through Granbury, for a lunch stop and then through Weatherford and back to Keller.  See the map below for our trip:



Along the way we saw a couple of fun things



Rio Brazo's Texas Music Hall near Granbury



Nothing too meaningful about the Prosperity Bank other than it reminded me of the Tightwad Bank in Tightwad, MO

And then there is the Packers fan living in Texas!!  Just a couple of weeks before I headed to Wisconsin!


The Fossil Rim Wildlife Center got its beginnings in 1973 when Fort Worth businessman Tom Mantzel purchased what was, at the time, the Waterfall Ranch, a 1500 acre spread near Glen Rose, TX, about 50 miles south of Fort Worth.  He named it the Fossil Rim Wildlife Ranch.  In 1987 it was purchased by Jim Jackson and Christine Jurzykowski. They renamed it the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. The current facility has grown to 1700 acres and has over 1000 animals, with 50 species of native and non-native animals, including Cheetah, Rhinoceros, Giraffe, various African antelope varieties, Zebras, Ostriches and Rheas, among many others.  According to its website, "Fossil Rim is the first facility of its kind to have been accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. Fossil Rim Wildlife Center participates in a worldwide network of wildlife conservation organizations working to restore the delicate balance between people, animals and the environment."


Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, near Glen Rose, TX




Fossil Rim Wildlife Center


Here are a few of the animals we saw while at the Wildlife Center.  No names, no descriptions...just pure animals.  Enjoy.


















And here are a few of the flowering plants we saw along the trail






After the animals and flowers, we headed back to Keller via Granbury.  Took a small walk around town and then stopped into Babe's for dinner. 


Scenes from Granbury, TX




Hungry?  This is what they have at Babe's...and plenty of it!


And we'll end at the Nutt House...


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